2017 Fashion Trends

Good Morning luxe ladies, today we are going to talk about our top 5 fashion trends for this year. So do me a favor and get a cuppa and enjoy!

1) Pyjama- This is definitely my personal favorite trend of the year for obvious reasons of course, it’s easy, it’s comfortable and also very stylish.

2) Mules- Aren’t we just in love with the fact that all the fashion trends this year are just comfortable, I call it “Comfashion” lol. Flat mules are just so easy to throw on, you can either dress it down for one of those days you just want to go grocery shopping but still look cute or one of those days you want to go out for an afternoon event but you want to be comfortable and still look stylish. If you don’t own a pair of mules by now then I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

3) Fringe/Tassels- This particular trend is seriously tired of my Nigerian sisters lol, there is no day I won’t scroll through my explore page without coming across a boomerang video of some girl shaking her fringe dress but I certainly can’t blame them because it’s such a fun trend and I’m personally in love with the trend, it is super cute.

4) Turbans- I am excited about this one because turbans were only acknowledged by the muslim women( because of religious reasons) we just want to be stylish and modest at the same time, Also the Pakistanis, Indians use the turban for cultural and religious reasons but now it’s a trend that everyone has hopped on, doesn’t matter where you come from or your religion, it has become a statement piece that everyone is in love with.

5) Side-Stripe Pants- An opportunity to style your adidas sweatpants lol.This has to be one of the coolest trend of the year! Who doesnt want to wear a simple sweatpant or any simple pant  that has stripes by the side and still look bomb. Once a Again this such a comfortable, Easy trend and I’m totally in love with it. 

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