MEET 41 Luxe

41 LUXE is a retail outlet space and atelier, dedicated to providing a platform for independent fashion designers, to feature, express and most importantly exist.

Our philosophy has been to; hone creativity, Style and substance.

Our Objective is creating the ultimate hub for fashion purveyors and enthusiasts alike and revolutionizing all the tenets of individual perspective, fashion and lifestyle.

Our Commitment is to timeless elegance, fusing contemporary and traditional ethno-centric Nigerian style.


An exposition of handpicked pieces carefully selected by our in house brand managers to showcase our designer’s artistic expression and perspective.

Having serviced the trendy locale in upmarket districts of Abuja for almost half a decade.

41 LUXE has embarked on its regional expansion, with the launch of its Lagos space in the burgeoning district of Lekki phase 1,
Situate at Shop 9 Aarons Lekki Mall Olubunmi Owa Street off Admiralty way Lekki Phase 1.

The space is geared toward the 41 LUXE initiative, to provide the perfect avenue for avid fashion followers to indulge their passions.

The Flagship store features a variety of different trends, debuting over 50 Nigerian brands to include “established” and the fast rising edgy labels.

Our commitment to lifestyle is all encompassing, meaning that we cater to cross generational tastes, which is always a welcome opportunity for parents to kit out themselves and their brood at the same time.

We continue to extend our lifestyle collection with a diverse selection of pieces, including our in house candle makers, local fragrances from the rich cultural Northern Nigeria and floral arrangements for all occasions.

The 41 LUXE phenomena is continually evolving towards predicting customer desires and providing satisfaction. Our role is to seek out gems and bring them to the forefront, keeping the 41 LUXE enthusiasts a step ahead.

We do not provide “stuff”, we enable your living.