Casual Tuesday

We are going to be sharing 4 essential style tips you should consider while shopping.

QUALITY- When purchasing an item quality should be one of the major factors you should consider so whatever you purchase can be a long term investment which is why in 41 luxe we provide you with the best of the best quality.

BODY TYPE – make sure you have studied your body type well enough to know what suits your type of body. You don’t want to be looking funny with the wrong choice of clothes.

COLOR- Do not restrict yourself from wearing different colors of clothes,we know neutrals seems to be everyone’s favorite but it gets boring,you need to explore! Play with colors but also pls do not go overboard because you don’t want to be looking like a clown lol 

TEXTURE- always consider the texture of the cloth before buying it, make sure it’s suitable for the weather. You don’t want to be seen wearing a trench coat during summer.

That is the end of my tips,I hope you enjoyed our little styling tip, see you guys next time.



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