Today I’m going to be talking about a very common trend that almost everyone has hopped on and that is *drum roll pls*THE FISH NET LEGGINGS.Personally I think you have to be really careful with how you style your fishnet leggings because you don’t want to be looking tacky, I’ve seen some really tacky looks on my Instagram that has almost makes me hate the trend but when I see really sexy, classy ones like the picture above it makes me appreciate the trend. To close this topic about fishnets,I will like to give a little tip on how to style your fishnet leggings. 
1) Do not leave too much skin out just because you want the whole world to know you have fishnet leggings under 

2) For those that wear ripped jeans with their fishnet, please make sure the jeans are not too ripped or ripped in every angle.

3)Sometimes just keep it as simple as wearing the fishnet socks 

 Remember less is the new more 

Till next time Xx

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