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Hey luxe ladies! Today we are talking about shoe care and we would be giving out tips you can use to take care of your shoes, it’s very essential, especially when you spend a bulk sum of money to purchase quality shoe that can be vintage piece for your grand children. So here are few tips that would help you out 

How to prevent smelly shoes- you can buy insoles that have fragrance in them,that way your shoes are comfortable and also smell good at the same time or traditionaly you just drop Lemon peel to keep out odur. Mainly ,always air your shoes out after a long day out with them . 

Conditioning- Leather is skin just  like yours, it needs to be taken care of to look its best. To soften the leather and start building a base for that shine, you’ll need a conditioning product. Apply and leave it for 20 minutes 

Insert shoe trees and remove the laces. Gently wipe the shoes with a damp cloth and allow them to dry. Buff with a horsehair brush to clean away any lingering dirt or dust.

DO NOT rub any product containing acetone or alcohol too vigorously into the leather as it can discolor your shoes. It’s important you know that this is not an absolutely necessary step, but if you want a true mirror shine then it’s best to work from a clean surface. I use a cotton swab to delicately get in there and wipe the old polish away.

I hope these tips would help you out

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